Voice International Music Training Program aims to develop participants’ skills in the following area, including pitch, rhythm, concentration and co-ordination, as well as learning how to use their talent properly

  • Performance
  • Music Theory
  • Choral Singing
  • Aural and sight-reading
  • Artistic Creativity
  • Artistic expression and style
  • Self-confidence



Strings | Woodwind & Brass | Percussion | Keyboards | Vocal Training 

Level of achievement:

  1. Foundation level: Grades 1-3
  2. Intermediate Level: Grades 4-5
  3. Advanced Level: Grades 6-8


  • Course Period- 6 months (48 Class)
  • Duration- 45 mins (group & individual sessions), 2 classes per week
  • Rates for individual classes will differ from group classes

For those interested in appearing the Theory or Practical Grade Examination from Trinity College London, and evaluation will be held by VOICE and based on the assessment a further period of study will be advised

Trinity College London exam dates:

  1. May Session (Classes from November to April)
  2. November Session (Classes from April to November)

The full timetable of Practical and Theory classes available.



Highly experienced tutors who transfer not just the knowledge of music and arts but also instill excellence and passion into students.